Business Analysis Technique - MoSCoW

Business Analysis Technique - MoSCoW

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Do you and your team ever end the day with a big list of uncompleted tasks? It’s frustrating and demotivating, especially when every task seems important, and you don’t seem to be making much progress. Juggling multiple things isn’t the most efficient use of your time. You need to find a way to prioritize.

You can work out which tasks you and your team need to focus on by using MoSCoW. It’s a prioritization technique that helps you highlight essential tasks and cut out unnecessary ones. By prioritizing tasks, you’ll be able to save time, effort, and resources, while boosting productivity.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Describe the MoSCoW analysis technique
• Recognize the benefits of using a MoSCoW analysis
• Carry out a MoSCoW analysis

Why take this course?

The ability to prioritize tasks is vital in business. This course is for business analysts, program and project managers, and business leaders. You’ll find out all about the MoSCoW analysis technique, its benefits, and how to carry out a MoSCoW analysis.

10 mins | SCORM | Cheat Sheet
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