Don't Avoid Low Performance

Don't Avoid Low Performance

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It can feel stressful and awkward to discuss low performance with employees. But avoiding the issue can lead to a decrease in performance and morale from other team members. Employees are valuable assets to an organization, who deserve the opportunity to improve and develop. And conversations about low performance don’t need to be hostile or awkward for you or your team members.

You need to be open with employees so you can find out why their performance isn’t up to scratch. Once you know, you can work together to make sure the employee understands what’s expected of them and gets the support they need to perform well.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

•Describe how a lack of capability and motivation leads to low performance
•Demonstrate how to address low performance using 1-to-1 coaching
•Work with employees to create a performance improvement plan

Why take this course?

Understanding how to communicate and work with employees to figure out why their performance doesn’t meet expectations is the 1st step toward resolving the issue. This course will help anyone who manages teams at any level to feel comfortable addressing performance issues with employees.

10 mins | SCORM | Takeaway Tasks
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