Introduction to Excel - Advanced Formulas

Introduction to Excel - Advanced Formulas

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Excel is incredibly useful, enabling us to do anything from writing simple spreadsheets for reporting, to carrying out more complicated calculations and analytical techniques. But it can be a little tricky to find your way around. If you want to upskill to take advantage of what Excel has to offer, these bite-sized courses have been developed to help you learn at your leisure. You can choose what you want to learn from mini-videos that cover each subject individually.

This intermediate-level course contains useful information on:

• Using the IF functions and how to Nest IF functions
• What IFERROR means (tidying N/A)
• Range Names as well as IF/AND/OR functions
• Concatenation
• Using the Proper function
• NOW and Choose functions

Why take this course?

From experts to amateurs, if you work in an office, you’re likely to have to use Excel at some point, and this course will help you find your way around it. Please note that most modern versions of the Microsoft Excel application use the same interface, but some may have cosmetic differences. To get the most from this course, learners should have existing software licenses and a full version of Microsoft Excel.

15 mins | SCORM | Practice Files
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