Introduction to Gmail

Introduction to Gmail

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t use email? It’s hard to navigate life without it! Gmail is a popular web-based email service. It’s free to sign up for a personal Gmail account, but there’s also a business-level Gmail service that comes with Google Suite. If you’ve previously had a different email provider, you might need a bit of help getting used to the Gmail inbox. These courses will give you a good introduction. You’ll be able to access bite-sized mini-videos that cover specific topics. And you can learn as quickly or slowly as you like.

This entry-level course contains useful information on:

• Opening Gmail and navigating around your inbox
• Sending, replying to, and forwarding emails
• Adding and downloading attachments
• Managing emails, including searching, archiving, deleting, and using labels
• Adding, editing, and deleting contacts
• Signing out of Gmail

Why take this course?

Everyone needs an email provider. Gmail integrates well with other apps in Google Suite, as well as being a useful standalone service. If you work for a business that uses Gmail, or you have your own Gmail service, this course is for you. To get the best out of this course, you’ll need cinternet access, and a Google Suite or Google Workspace account.

25 mins | SCORM |
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