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Sales Tech Tools

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“Paperwork: Stressing out the workforce since the invention of paper!” If this phrase rings true, you probably know the feeling of drowning in paperwork. Bits of paper for this and that all over the place – a warm lead here, a list of new prospects there. It’s frustrating, and increases the potential for errors, which could spell disaster for your sales. But there is a solution: technology.

The tech revolution has changed everyone’s life, streamlining the way we do things, and making everything less labor-intensive. So, in the world of sales, adopting tech tools to make the job of selling easier, and more precise, is the obvious choice. But can tech really improve selling, and what sort of tech is available?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Define the meaning and scope of sales tech tools
• Identify which tech tools will help enhance your sales
• Employ best practice advice to use sales tech effectively

Why take this course?

Salespeople need to get to grips with the tech designed to help them. For sales representatives, executives, and managers, this course will help you recognize the benefits of using tech tools. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the tools available to you, so you can make informed choices about which options will enhance your sales.

10 mins | SCORM | Infographic
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