Security Doesn't Stop at Work

Security Doesn't Stop at Work

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Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you forget to drink water and eat food. Yes, your day will probably be filled with important business, but you still need to do basic life tasks to keep yourself healthy at work.

So why is it that so many workers forget basic cybersecurity to keep their tech healthy at home? It can leave them and even their work, through connected devices, vulnerable to a cyberattack. This course will help you maintain your cybersecurity awareness from office to home.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Explain the benefits of having a “Just Culture” when it comes to cybersecurity
• Compare common security failings at home and work
• Implement ways to be more security conscious both at home and at work

Why take this course?

This course will give you cybersecurity best practices that you can implement wherever and whenever. You’ll learn what security failings to look out for both at home and work to remain secure online. We all need to stay vigilant against cyberattacks, so this course is suitable for everyone.

10 mins | SCORM | Workbook
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