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Cooking Temperatures Infographic Poster

Cooking Temperatures Infographic Poster

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This Cooking Temperatures Infographic Poster keeps your food safe! Boasting an informative design imprinted on a premium cleanable finish, this poster illustrates the proper cooking temperatures for everything from beef to seafood and poultry, helping your food handlers prepare food safely.

These infographics are great to use when teaching food safety.
  • They help overcome language and literacy challenges by using images and multiple translations.
  • Operators will love how the infographics improve the return on training investment! Transfer the training to the workplace with these infographics.
  • Post them in your operations as a high- quality job aid to teach and reinforce food safety best practices.

Printed on 33cm x 48.25cm (13"x19") tough, spill-proof material made for food operations clean up with a damp cloth.

Colourful images help convey food safety concepts available in 8 languages
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