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Glo Germ

Glo Germ Gel 8oz Bottle

Glo Germ Gel 8oz Bottle

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GloGerm Lotion is a 250ml bottle of simulated germs that gleam under an ultra violet light. Use the lotion to demonstrate proper hand washing technique.  This bottle will provide 75 to 100 applications.

  1. Put some lotion in a volunteer's hands and have them rub it around.  
  2. Have them wash their hands.
  3. View under the UV light to see if the 'germs' are gone!

This really helps food handlers understand the importance of proper hand washing.

Teachers and trainers who conduct food safety training will find this product brings home the importance of proper hand washing. Use this demonstration/activity in your classroom to help your students practice proper handwashing technique.

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