High-Performing Teams Framework - Performing

High-Performing Teams Framework - Performing

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You’ve got your dream team and you’ve set them up for success from the very beginning. Now they’ve established their roles and are getting to work. Time to put your feet up and relax; you don’t need to get involved at this stage, right? The exact opposite is true, because supervisory input will likely be needed more than ever.

In the “performing” phase of the high-performing teams framework, your team members will be making most of their decisions, likely requiring input from higher levels. It’s also common for things to come up that throw your team off, and impact their working relationship and performance. This is why it’s important that you stay on top of it, even if things seem like they’re established and going well. This course will show you how.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Recognize the importance of the “performing” phase of developing high-performing teams
• Identify the key elements of the “performing” phase
• Understand how to effectively manage the “performing” phase when building a high-performing team

Why take this course?

It’s still possible for things to go wrong, even when your teams are getting on with the job and seemingly working well together. This course focuses on the “performing” stage of the high-performing teams framework, so you can continue the process of building high-performing teams yourself. This course is useful for managers, business leaders, and executives – anyone responsible for the formation and management of teams within a company.

10 mins | SCORM | Takeaway Tasks
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