Introduction to Google Meet

Introduction to Google Meet

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If you collaborate with other people, you’ll probably want to have meetings to discuss things. But what if you work from different locations and can’t get together in a physical meeting? Then you’ll need a way to meet virtually. Google Meet is a platform for video conferencing. You can use it to have virtual meetings with co-workers or collaborators. This course will give you a basic introduction to Google Meet using short videos you can view at your own speed.

This entry-level course contains useful information on:

• Starting, joining, and ending a video meeting from Meet, Gmail, and Google Calendar
• Checking your camera and sound quality, and changing your background
• Adding and removing people from a video meeting
• Collaborating in video meetings, including how to show a presentation and send chat messages

Why take this course?

Virtual meetings help people collaborate. This course will suit anyone who’s interested in using Google Meet for video conferencing. To get the best out of this course, you’ll need internet access, and a Google Suite or Google Workspace account.

15 mins | SCORM |
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