Introduction to Google Slides Part 1

Introduction to Google Slides Part 1

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It’s easy to lose concentration when a presentation doesn’t have any visuals to support it. Slides can help bring a presentation to life. But only if you know how to make the best of your tools. Google Suite has a presentation tool called Slides. If you haven’t used Google Slides before to create and edit your presentations, or you want to improve your skills, you can check out these handy mini-videos. These bite-sized courses will help you get the most out of Google Slides. You can choose the exact topic you need to know more about, and learn at your own speed.

This entry-level course contains useful information on:

• Creating a new presentation, selecting a theme, and saving a document
• Navigating the Google Slides screen, including an introduction to the menu options, toolbar, and comment function
• Setting up slides, including page setup, slide layout, and background
• Creating a new presentation from a template
• Presenting the slides
• Printing, sharing, emailing, and downloading the presentation

Why take this course?

Both businesses and individuals use Google Slides for presenting and collaborating. This course is for anyone interested in using Google Slides. To get the best out of this course, you’ll need computer and internet access, and a Google Suite or Google Workspace account.

10 mins | SCORM |
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