Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is a powerful platform that’s mostly used for sending and receiving emails. But it also lets you manage things like calendars and tasks. And, of course, it integrates well with other Microsoft applications. But because it has so many functions, Outlook can be tricky to find your way around at first. The good news is that this course will give you an overview of Outlook’s main functions and get you started in no time.

This entry-level course contains useful information on:

• Navigating the Outlook window, including the ribbon and quick access bar
• Sending and receiving emails
• Adding a signature to messages and setting up automatic replies
• Adding, opening, and saving an attachment
• How to organize your inbox with reminders, flags, categories, and colors
• Managing contacts, including how to view, add, and edit them
• Using the calendar, including how to create appointments and schedule meetings
• Managing tasks, including how to create, assign, accept, and decline tasks
• Printing items such as emails, contacts, and calendars

Why take this course?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email platform that comes with other useful functions such as calendars and tasks. If you’re interested in getting to grips with Outlook, this course is for you. To get the most from this course, learners should have existing software licenses and a full version of the Microsoft Outlook application.

35 mins | SCORM |
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