Introduction to the HIPAA revenue cycle

Introduction to the HIPAA revenue cycle

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For healthcare clinicians and assistants, the number-1 priority is delivering the correct care, so they can improve the health of the patients they treat. But for the business side of every healthcare provider, the main focus is ensuring correct payments are collected from all patients, in the correct way. Even small mistakes in revenue collection can delay the care patients need.

Getting the process right can be challenging with so many patients entering the system every day. How can healthcare providers make sure they’re giving the correct information to patients, charging the right amount for treatment, and contacting the correct insurance providers? Well, that needs some careful planning, and a system with a series of predefined steps to follow: the HIPAA Revenue Cycle.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Define the HIPAA Revenue Cycle
• Identify what each step of the HIPAA Revenue Cycle involves
• Recognize the importance of correct coding

Why take this course?

Everyone working in healthcare in the USA needs to be aware of how healthcare revenue works, because even a small mistake in the process can derail things. This course is for all healthcare workers and clinicians. It’ll explain the HIPAA Revenue Cycle, the steps involved, and how important it is to code correctly.

*Disclaimer: This course is for information purposes only, and does not count toward a HIPAA compliance qualification.

10 mins | SCORM | Infographic - Cheat sheet
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